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Monoleto Op-001

Monoleto Op-001
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The Op-001 board is designed as a general purpose Op-Amp prototyping board for use in a wide variety of circuits. We designed it for our own in house use as products already on the market had limitations that stopped them being useful in some circumstances.


For ease of use the board is designed to take through hole (leaded) components for easy hand assembly with the most basic workshop tools.


This board is designed around a single 741 style pinout Op-Amp. There are many Op-Amps available from a variety of manufacturers, that fit this board and that can be used.


Most applications for the board will need only a handful of components with the result that many of the available component footprints on the PCB will not be used, or may be bridged over with a wire link.


The board has PTH (plated through holes) connecting the pads making soldering very easy. The ground plane top surface of the board is connected to the 0V rail and is helpful in reducing electrical noise.

Op-Amp Configurations usable on this PCB

Differential Amplifier

Voltage Follower

Inverting Amplifier

Non-Inverting Amplifier

Inverting Integrator

Inverting Differentiator



The ability to include capacitors in the amplifier circuits means that simple filters can also be constructed.

Many manufacturer data sheets provide example Op-Amp circuits and the Wikipedia listings below may also be useful:


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